• Focused | Experienced | Independent
  • Focused | Solely focused on the U.S. healthcare real estate sector
  • Experienced | Professionals have been involved with over $5 billion of assignments
  • Independent | Unbiased client goal driven advice free of any conflicts of interest
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HRE Capital’s process starts with understanding our client’s goals. We identify alternatives that will achieve those goals and then work alongside our clients to implement the most appropriate solution. Our independence allows us to provide an absolutely unbiased view to our clients.

Focused - HRE Capital is 100% focused on healthcare real estate. We offer:

Unparalleled understanding of the various transaction structures available and relationships with key market participants

Firm understanding of what the market is seeking and how to structure a transaction that can be implemented while simultaneously achieving our client’s goals

In-depth experience with all provisions and structures inherent in healthcare real estate, including ground leases, control provisions and right of first offer / refusal clauses, among others

Experienced - HRE Capital is one of the most active dedicated active healthcare real estate advisors. We are:

Typically engaged in over $500 million in active assignments

Experienced with all types of healthcare real estate

Led by principals who have collectively been involved with over $5 billion in healthcare real estate transactions

Staffed with industry-leading healthcare executives, including former hospital / health system CEOs, with 150 years of combined experience

Independent - HRE Capital provides unbiased advice to our clients. We do not:

Act as a real estate developer, lender, property / asset manager, leasing agent or investor

Seek to offer additional investment banking services such as bond underwriting or merger / acquisition advisory